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OrchidRS Assignments (

Order Management


The client's satisfaction and the reputation of your company are determined by the way you manage client orders.

OrchidRS Recruitment Software - Assignment module (Order Management Software) is exclusively designed for professional recruiters with thoughtful considerations to your unique order management procedures.

By utilising the convenience of OrchidRS Assignment module, you are able to:

  • Complete the end-to-end process from opportunity conversion to candidate placement.
  • Set up flexible work process for each unique order complying with your client requests.
  • Tightly connect to any payroll system.
  • Achieve more effective team collaboration using OrchidRS Notes system.
  • Leverage the convenience of OrchidRS Online Timesheets and save the environment by cutting the use of paper.
  • Discover the star performer in your organisation by simply clicking the OrchidRS Performance Reports.

While other recruitment software often overlooks the importance of the order management module, OrchidRS is built with the needs of recruitment agencies in mind. We understand how a job order can include many job ads, that’s why we built the order management module.

OrchidRS Assignments (Order Management)
OrchidRS makes order management an enjoyable part of your work. As a result you will be rewarded with customer satisfaction and a solid foundation to grow your business

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If you are not completely satisfied with our product or service for any reason, we will gladly provide a full refund within 30 days of service commencement.

30 day money back